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Prep Your Outdoor Space Along the Jersey Shore

Todd Katz

Todd Katz is an accomplished Realtor with over 35 years of experience, Todd has been representing buyers and sellers in the real estate market since g...

Todd Katz is an accomplished Realtor with over 35 years of experience, Todd has been representing buyers and sellers in the real estate market since g...

Feb 27 1 minutes read

Reimagine Outdoor Spaces at the Shore

As the Jersey Shore shakes off its winter coat, our attention invariably turns to the spaces outside our homes that have gone unused during the colder months. For residents of Ocean Township, Long Branch, and Rumson, the promise of salty sea breezes and sun-kissed days beckons us to transform our outdoor areas into personal retreats. Here, we'll share some inspiration to elevate your outdoor living, perfect for any Jersey Shore residence, whether you command sprawling grounds or cherish a snug, seaside balcony.

Designate Your Shore Haven Zones

Envision the seaside serenades or garden parties you'll host in your outdoor space. Will you gather for alfresco dining or bask in peaceful solitude? In places like Rumson, with its larger estates, consider distinct zones—a shaded dining area near your outdoor kitchen and a secluded nook with chaise lounges overlooking the Navesink River. Long Branch condo dwellers might allocate balcony space for a bistro set and a comfortable lounger that lets you enjoy ocean vistas up and down the coastline.

Introduce Shore-Appropriate Greenery

Embrace the natural beauty that Ocean Township and its neighboring towns offer by incorporating regional plants that thrive in our coastal climate. Add perennial sea grasses or hydrangeas for a touch of color. Constrained by a modest patio? No problem. Arrange potted salt-tolerant plants like bayberry or beach plum, or even a miniature vertical herb garden to lure you outside with fresh aromas and greenery.

Invest in Durable Coastal Furnishings

With the sandy and sometimes stormy conditions around the Jersey Shore, selecting the right outdoor furnishings is crucial. Durable synthetics, stainless steel, or treated hardwoods can hold their own against humid summers and salty sea air. For an added touch of luxury that reflects the grandeur you might find in a Rumson manor, plush cushions and nautical-themed throw pillows can round out your space's comfort and aesthetics.

Twinkling Nights with Shoreline Lighting

No outdoor evening by the Jersey Shore is complete without the proper lighting. Drape Edison bulb strings across your Ocean Township gazebo for a starry effect, or install solar-powered LED fixtures that mimic the historic glow of Long Branch's grand Victorian homes. Lighting not only sets the mood but also allows you to entertain through those warm shore nights without missing a beat.

Secluded Serenity with Privacy Features

Along the bustling Jersey Shore, creating a private outdoor escape is essential. Lattice panels intertwined with climbing roses or billowing outdoor curtains can match the opulent feel of Rumson's riverfront properties, providing a sense of retreat. Bamboo screens might better suit the Long Branch condos, offering privacy without sacrificing a precious inch of space or that sought-after ocean view.

Soothing Sounds of Water Features

Complement the nearby Atlantic's rhythm with a water feature for your outdoor sanctuary. Consider a standalone fountain to echo the tranquility within Rumson’s extensively landscaped yards, or a tabletop water feature that captivates the senses from your balcony overlooking the Ocean Township terrain. The gentle cadence of flowing water provides the perfect backdrop to unwind or converse.

Sheltered Comfort with Stylish Shade

With the prevailing summer sun, proper shade is key along the Jersey Shore. Retractable awnings or sail shades lend a modern touch and functionality to Ocean Township patios, while more permanent pergolas with drapery can grace the backyards of grand Rumson homes, invoking a resort-like ambiance for peaceful midday lounging.

Accessorize Your Shore Retreat

Bolster the charm of your space with coastal-inspired accessories. Outdoor rugs that brush off sand easily, decorative pillows in hues reflecting the Atlantic, and whimsical wind chimes set a scene that is both personal and connected to the local setting. Consider the vibrant history and arts scene in Long Branch to guide your choices—perhaps a piece from a local gallery or shorebird statuettes for that personal touch.

Embrace Low-Maintenance Living

Your Jersey Shore haven should be a place of rest, not work. Opt for native landscaping that thrives autonomously, low-care fabrics that resist mold and fading, and furnishings that can stand up to the coastal weather. Keeping your outdoor upgrades low maintenance means you're free to soak up the sun or enjoy the ocean breezes without constant upkeep.

Ready for Jersey Shore Spring Living

As spring heralds the return of warm days and cool nights, there is no better time to curate your Jersey Shore al fresco living experience. From the historic avenues of Long Branch to the stately homes of Rumson, let these ideas guide you in creating an outdoor realm that complements both your lifestyle and the beautiful surroundings of the Shore. Begin now, and by the time the season changes, you'll have an idyllic coastal oasis ready to provide respite and pleasure for the days to come.

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